Website development

Having a website is like opening a door and inviting more users into your business.It is always very important to have a beautiful and stunning site to promote your products or services. It interacts with the users 24 hours a day. Even when you are not at work your website is. We develop a perfect website which meets your business strategies and expectations at affordable rates.

Software Re-engineering

Reengineering is the systematic transformation of an existing system into a new form to realize quality improvements in operation, system capability and functionality, performance at a lower cost. Our solutions are the most efficient, flexible, quality-based and cheaper of the market, due to our fully innovative and customer-driven approach.

Software Development

Software development is the process of creating and maintaining applications and frameworks embodying all the stages of systems development life cycle, resulting in a software product. We offer powerful software which changes your dream into reality. Our development team carefully analyzes your needs and delivers high quality, cost effective solutions

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are now integral part of almost every business.Businesses have realized the need to effectively use mobile channels for attracting customers. Developing an app for your business adds value to your marketing. Our proficient team makes your app to succeed in the market and that leads to the maximum number of customers to your business.

Facebook Management

Facebook is definitely the biggest platform you can get and there are many reasons that your business needs it. Having a Facebook page for your business will make awareness about your company and it can help business to grow.Simply having a Facebook page is not enough to achieve this. We need to active on almost a daily basis.We will help you to save time and get better result from social media marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has come a long way.We can help you to develop an online marketing strategy that helps your brand become a popular one. We explore and invent new ways for you to reach, connect and build relationships with your customers across digital channels. Main digital marketing services are domain registration, web hosting, web security, bulk email, bulk SMS, SSL certificates etc.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new form of Internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. By using cloud we can create new apps and services, store, backup and recover data, Host websites and blogs etc. We provides cost effective, flexible ,scalable, and reliable cloud computing services which meets your requirements.

Graphics Designing

Good graphic design will take your business image to a higher level in the competitive marketing field. An creative designer will know the best approaches to communicate your products and services to your customers. Our designer experts can make attractive, highly professional logos for your business. We also provide business card designing, poster and brochure designing etc. in low cost manner.


Cloud Plus

Courier Management System

Cloud plus system automates the process of logistic, cargo and courier businesses. It allows you to manage your logistics business from anywhere in the world. It provides clear report to management at all levels about how the courier company is performing its assigned job. Main functions include order entry, dispatch, rating, billing, Delivery status, accounts and reports of Cargos, Courier and Freight management companies.

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CLOUD PLUS courier management system automates the entire process of logistic, cargo and courier businesses. It allows company to manage their logistics business from anywhere in the world. CLOUD PLUS automates the flow of valuable, customizable and time sensitive information ensuring accuracy, accountability, and effectiveness. We also provide a Courier Mobile Application Software to make the courier task easy. Main features are

  • Shipment collection
  • Dispatch
  • In scan/Out scan
  • Manifest
  • Airway bill generation
  • Barcode Interface to print and scan airway bills
  • Delivery
  • Tracking
  • Invoice generation
  • Proof of delivery(POD)
  • Scanning and signature of delivered shipments
  • Importing and exporting shipments
  • Accounts and Reporting
Shipment collection:-

The system is designed to handle more pick up requests ensuring that company can quickly meet client's need. Our collection system is designed in such a way that agent can easily handle customers with their needs.


CLOUD PLUS's dispatcher system incorporates all phases of your business, including on-demand, routed and scheduled work, distribution, warehousing, etc. Dispatchers can easily identify delivery management issues with color-coding which alerts dispatch to new online orders. Customize screen layout, simplify communications. Allow bulk dispatch.

In scan/Out scan:-

The system uses highly efficient barcode interface for in scan and out scan. Perform Mass in scan and out scan in seconds using the Barcode Manager tool.

Proof of Delivery (POD):-

CLOUD PLUS offers the ability to record collection and delivery operations in an easiest manner. It is designed to manage the delivery operations in a few clicks.

Accounting Module:-

CLOUD PLUS’s have a robust and flexible accounting module that organizes and simplifies invoicing procedures. System handles the entire accounts operations. Users can offer their clients flexible options for establishing billing terms via CLOUD PLUS.

Courier Mobile Application:-

It is an application for courier management system that utilizes web-based software, along with Smartphone to manage pickup services. It also makes use of GPS tracking of courier location. Courier Application offers drivers and courier businesses hugely increased opportunities for taking on more loads and bookings and handle them on time. The application handles both pickup and delivery also Scanning and signature of delivered shipments.


Reports are valuable tools to help assess operational performance, identify potential growth opportunities and address problems. CLOUD PLUS provide wide range of reports such as outbound manifest reports, GPA reports, POD reports, Shipment reports, etc


Human Resource Management

HRM- an easy to use, cloud-based, fast and secure HR Management software designed for small and medium businesses. It is well equipped to handle entire HR functions such as HR track, evaluate and manage the performance, attendance, and behavior of your employees more effectively. It is smart, scalable and cost effective one. It brings to you the power to manage people and more anywhere, anytime.

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HRM- an easy to use, cloud-based, fast and secure HR Management software designed for small and medium businesses. It is well equipped to handle entire HR functions such as HR track, evaluate and manage the performance, payroll automation, attendance, and behavior of your employees more effectively. It is smart, scalable and cost effective one. It brings to you the power to manage people and more anywhere, anytime. HRM includes wide range of operations for handling employee general information, medical information, monthly timesheet, payroll reports, attendance & leaves, job history information, performance evaluations, HR document management, company information management, etc. Whether it is attendance and leave management or payroll process, HRM runs it's magic hand and presents a simple, easy way which helps your HR team to work more efficiently on utilizing their time and resources.

Ease of use:-

HRM's primary design principles is ease-of-use. Unlike other HR Management software products, you don’t have to go through days or weeks of training, before you can start using HRM. Also potentially expand the functionalities of our software to fit your future business needs as your business grows.

Employee data management:-
  • General information profile
  • Medical insurance and emergency contacts
  • Monthly timesheets
  • Performance evaluations information management
  • Employee training programs
Payroll automation system:-

With HRM, managing your payroll data will be easier than ever before. Also provide facility for importing and exporting payroll data. Manage salary structures. HRM helps to create multiple salary structures for various seniority levels with our payroll management system and automatically calculate salary based on latest IT and Govt. compliance norms.

Attendance and leave management system:-

HRM's attendance management system helps you to create & manage shifts, define attendance policies, track every employee’s in and out time, and much more. Also shift management. Assign separate shifts for different types of employees based on departments, employee types, and multiple office locations. Leave management system creates different leave policies, manage and track employee leaves, and getting applications approved through email. With HRM, employees will no longer have to bother you or your HR team regarding their leave balances.


Courier Call Service System

If you are looking for a software to track your logistic service CCSS is your best solution to choose. It includes all the advanced features to manage your courier services at one place. Major fuctions includes parcel tracking, bar code scanner, label printing, reports and much more. By this software customer can track their parsals online by providing the waybill number and know your parcel current status.

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If you are looking for a software to track your logistic service CCSS is your best solution to choose. It includes all the advanced features to manage your courier services at one place. Major functions includes outbound call processing, inbound call processing, shipment allocations based on shipment priorities, shipment tracking, reports and much more. Courier companies need to establish their presence on the communication channels that their customers prefers.

Outbound call processing system:-

Outbound call processing system is designed to make outbound calls to customers. It is typically designed to help companies actively engaged with customers. CCSS's outbound call processing system is designed in such a way that company will no longer have to bother about their customer handling.

Inbound call processing system:-

Customers can call for variety reasons, all should be handled in an effective way. CCSS's inbound call processing system handles large volumes of phone calls from those who are seeking courier support.

Shipment allocation system:-

CCSS's shipment allocation system can allocate shipments by ensuring that no customer need to wait for service. Based on shipment priorities it can allocate shipments to various agents.


CCSS offer you several shipment tracking options. You can track your consignment on-line or via e-mail or phone calls, which ever option is convenient for you. The web based shipment tracking Solution requires no software installation to track the shipment. Any system connected with Internet will be enough to track the shipment.

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